Episode 83 - He Is Now A Preteen - Super Mario Maker 2


We’re here to rebuild Princess Peach’s Podcast.

Welcome back to the show this week! Maybe this content isn’t so original at the moment, but we’re going to be covering Super Mario Maker 2. A game focused on user-generated content is particularly difficult to cover holistically, so we’re going to be looking at the elements of the game that are not focused on specifically playing people’s levels. Presentation, the robustness of the editor and how building and playing levels makes you feel are our focus and in some respects, are the real focus of the game as well. Everything in Mario Maker is expressive, colorful and fun to use and look at, and what lies beyond that is really up to your personal ability in platformers. We’re going to be talking about the satisfaction of seeing people playing your creations, the variability in playstyles forced by the possibilities present in the available tools and that nagging feeling you missed some cheese, and some 14 year old kid on the internet is going to comment that Bowser Jr. “EASY” sticker, and you are just GOING TO LOSE YOUR MIND DAMN IT JOHNNY JUST ENGAGE WITH THE LEVEL AT FACE VALUE I’VE HAD IT WITH YOU!

…thanks for listening! This is one of those games that just keeps on giving as far as new and interesting stuff to do goes, so I’m sure those of you who are playing it will likely still be playing for some time. But we are moving from one genre pioneer to another, and talking about Castlevania, Symphony of the Night on the next episode, the game that pushed the Castlevania franchise in a new direction, melding with the groundwork set out by Metroid and creating a new genre.

And if you want to play our levels, or on the flip side, have us play your levels, head on over to our discord, where you can submit codes for us or just talk about how every level you get in Super Expert is a big troll.