Episode 42 - Better Than Punching the Pope - Metal Gear Solid

Do you think a podcast can bloom, even on a battlefield?

Welcome back to NOCLIP this week, where we're going to be discussing Konami's classic stealth action game, Metal Gear Solid. Before Konami went complete off the rails and their business philosophy drifted toward "we hate Kojima," they released one of the most prolific stealth games of all time which spawned an extremely popular series, lauded by players and critics alike. We crack open the first of the series to examine how it holds up today and what design decisions make it an all-time classic that has influenced games in and out of the genre to this day. We talk about stealth gameplay, attention to detail, and the meatiest, manliest ways to end your game.

Thanks for checking us out this week and prep yourself for surgery, because next time we're talking about Trauma Center: Second Opinion!