Episode 55 - Main Street Purgatory - Animal Crossing: New Leaf


I caught a podcast! Must have been a perfect rod cast!

Welcome back to the podcast, where this week we're going to be talking about Nintendo's life simulation series Animal Crossing. We sat down with the most recent iteration of the series this week, but much of what is said applies to all the games, as while they change between entries, the basic gameplay remains the same and strives to achieve the same thing: a cute, relaxing experience. Because of this, fans of the series tend to have a strong connection with their villages and the residents within, driving much of the games appeal. Which of your favorite NPCs and villagers are we going to lavish affection on or badmouth horribly? Listen and find out as we talk about daily routines, home decorating for play and profit, and how the only valid read on Animal Crossing is that of the Truman Show.

Thanks for joining us again this week and keep an eye on the feed for next time as we're tackling (and jumping, and climbing...) Mirror's Edge!