Bonus Episode - Energy Attacks to the Face, Constantly

We record waaaay too long.

So, as I was editing together the previous two episodes I came across two segments that I had to cut out. The first, in Kingdom Hearts, was an argument that JJ and Andy were having over some possible inconsistencies in Kingdom Hearts 2, which was removed as we had decided to isolate the first game so as not to let the whole of the series impact our opinions on the first game. I, however, thought that it was hilarious, so I present it to you now. Additionally, our Undertale episode was running close to 2 hours long, which is more than I can expect anyone to listen to, so I removed what I considered the weakest bits, among which was this little discussion on how the multiple endings of the game affect our feelings on the story at large. This too, I lay before thee, on the off chance that you just couldn’t get enough Undertale talk, or, more likely, it’s just been long enough that listening to us talk more will not bring you physical pain. Either way, thanks for listening to our bonus episode, with impeccable bumper narration by JJ and I, and check back next week when we talk about Trine!