NOCLIP Pocket E13 - #Only90%ofKids - Pokémon Trading Card Game


Dueling is more fun than just listening to podcasts!

Welcome back to NOCLIP Pocket! This episode, we’re going to revisit a childhood favorite of, I think, every single kid who grew up in Pokémon’s heyday. Even more than an adaptation of the card game everyone was playing and collecting at the time, the game seemed almost like a full-fledged Pokémon game, with a similar conceit and art style. While that seemed good at the time, almost too good to be true, in fact, reflecting on the game in the current landscape of Pokémon the way that it is colors our opinion a little. Still, the game is still the same, being based on a TCG means that the rules are close to timeless and the things it did well in adapting a card game to the limited hardware of the Game Boy are still impressive to this day. We’re going to talk about our experiences with this and other physical card games, the narrative aspects of the game that would go largely overlooked in a modern TCG adaptation, and debating the voracity of the most prevalent of urban myths: can you just press “A” when the coin is heads up to win every flip?

Thank you for joining us again this week, and hopefully you will proceed to absolutely JAM to this game’s soundtrack over the next few days like we have been since we started playing it. Next time, we’re going to be talking about Only If, which is currently still free to play on Steam as of this writing.

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