Episode 15 - Skelly B. Johnson - Dark Souls (Part 1)

My pods… They’re casting. It’s dark. So dark,

Covering this game was a challenge. Not just in the sense that the game is a challenge, which rest assured, it is, but because it’s so divisive, so finely crafted and so highly revered that discussing even the smallest details of this game proved to be a lengthy experience. But in the spirit of the game, we persevered, podcasted against a brick wall for a long time and produced two full episodes worth of content and a lot of butt sweat which assuredly soaked into Andy’s couch. We talk about difficulty, area traversal, and the dark, seedy underbelly of Googling your way through the game.

Thanks for listening and join us again next week when we tackle combat mechanics, bosses and more in our second part of Dark Souls. Until then, don’t get yourself killed. Neither of us wants to see you go hollow.